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is contribution to The Sustainable Development Goals

Who Can Join

Research Scholars
Technology Experts
Students & Alumini’s
Editorial Board Members of Journals
Government Officials
Industry Professionals



1 Compiler Optimization Techniques

2 Programming Languages

3 Anti-Retroviral Treatment For AIDS

4 Non-Invasive Laser

5 Robotic Surgery

6 Advanced Operating Systems

7 Applications in the Medical field


9 Animation and Artificial Intelligence

10 Cloud Computing

11 Bio Informatics

12 DNA Testing and Sequencing

13 Human Genome Mapping

14 Bio-Inspired Computing

15 Reconfigurable Computing

16 Data Structures

17 Computer Networks

18 Advanced Databases

19 Design and Management of CN

20 Network Architecture and Design

21 Data & Information Management

22 Information Retrieval Techniques

23 Network and Information Security

24 Data Mining Techniques

25 Energy-Aware Computing

26 Software Architectures

27 Data Encryption

28 Managing Big Data

29 Data Visualization Techniques

30 Information Storage Management

Session Speakers

Dr.Aneesh Chand

Head of Robotics

Author Guidelines

Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

  • Language: Abstracts must be written in English.
  • Length: Limited to one paragraph with 200-250 words.
  • Format: Submit in MS Word (.doc or .docx) document format.
  • Content: Abstracts should provide an informative summary of the original work. Include a brief biography with your abstract, following the example provided in the template.
  • Formatting: Center-align the Title, Author's Names, and Affiliations. Underline the presenting author's name.
  • Submission: Please submit your abstract through the designated submission portal.
  • Acknowledgment: Upon abstract submission, you will receive an acknowledgment email within three working days.

Evaluation Process

Guidelines for Full Paper Submission

If your abstract has been accepted and the registration fee for ICASETM-2024 has been paid, you are invited to submit the full paper. Please adhere to the following guidelines for the submission:

  • Total number of pages: 6-8 in double-column format
  • Language: English (checked for grammar and language errors)
  • Tables, figures, and images should be properly named and of high quality.
  • Keywords should be written in lowercase letters (except for names/scientific names) and separated by commas.
  • Affiliation names, including the country, must be provided.
  • Each paper should be structured into the following sections:
  • Background, Motivation, and Objective
  • Statement of Contribution/Methods
  • Results, Discussions, and Conclusions

Once your full paper is prepared according to the above instructions, please proceed to submit it through the provided link. Submit your Full paper Here.

Session Lists


Technoarete Transactions on Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability
ISSN: 2583-1968
Technoarete Transactions on Application of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in Education
ISSN: 2583-3154
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