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Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Use word document while submitting the abstract
  • Use 12 point Times New Roman for the main text and smaller fonts may be used for figure captions.
  • The width of each line should not exceed 17.5 cm or 7.0 inch.
  • Start the first line leaving a space of 2.5 cm or 1.0 inch on the upper side.
  • The Title, Author's Names, and Affiliations should all be centered.
  • Insert one blank line between the Affiliations and the main text.
  • Main text should be fully justified with single spacing.
  • Use bold face with bigger fonts for the Title but not for Authors, Affiliations, and the main text.
  • Please underline the presenting Author.
  • Leave a space of at least 2.5 cm or 1.0 inch on the bottom of the text. Page numbers will be printed there.
  • Full Paper Submission Guidelines

    Each Paper has to be broken down into the following three sections when you submit :

  • Background, Motivation and Objective
  • Statement of Contribution/Methods
  • Results, Discussions and Conclusions
  • Total number of pages must be 6-8 in double column format
  • In addition, the total number of characters excluding spaces, Title, Author Names, and Affiliations .