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7th International Conference on

Applied Sciences, Engineering,
Technology And Management

Theme:"Strategies for Sustainable Growth"

Organized by : Institute For Educational Research and Publication (IFERP).
Conference Date
21st-22nd October, 2024
Conference Venue
Jakarta, Indonesia
Call:(+91)76694 09022
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WELCOME TO 7thICASETM-2024 Conference

The 7th International Conference on Advanced Science, Education, Social Science, Technology, and Management (ICASETM-2024), is scheduled to take place on 21st and 22nd of October in Jakarta, Indonesia. We invite everyone, including scholars, researchers, students, professors, industrialists, and professionals who want to upskill their knowledge in engineering, technology, and science. This International Engineering Conference 2024 will focus on establishing the platform for effective discussions on the future scope and challenges of engineering, applied sciences, technology, and management.
ICASETM - 2024 offers you a great opportunity to meet experts from around the globe to discuss the latest trends in the field of engineering. Participate in engaging sessions on public education, leadership, agile project management, robotic engineering, vehicle technology, and more. This international engineering conference will bring together a wide range of research and case studies with ample networking and publishing prospects. Join us at ICASETM 2024 as we continue to inspire, transform, and shape education.


“Strategies for Sustainable Growth”
ICASETM-2024 aims to be an excellent conference to discuss the current progress and modern advances in the various fields of Engineering, Technology, and Management. It provides a platform for scholars, scientists, engineers, and students from universities and industries all over the world to present ongoing research to promote sustainable growth. Attending this conference would help you to sharpen your skills and refine your ideas using novel approaches by meeting with peers and contemporaries.
You can attend this conference in person or virtually, depending upon your convenience. Also, this conference allows you to attend it as an author, exhibitor, or listener. Participants will also be allowed to interact with experts and high-level representatives and share opinions and research outcomes with them. We are looking forward to meeting you at ICASETM- 2024 for an exciting and productive experience!

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration Deadline

17th April 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

30th April 2024

Full Paper Submission Deadline

8th May 2024

Final Registration Deadline -

17th May 2024

Objective of the 7thICASETM

The primary objective of ICASETM 2024 is to provide an engaging platform and immersive learning experience to engineers to help shape the future of the fields of applied science, technology, and engineering. We aim to promote the research throughout the network at the international level. This engineering conference will cover a wide range of topics in the fields of science, technology, and engineering for sustainable growth.
Engage in informative group discussions, share your knowledge, and gain insights that will shape the future of technology. Also, it will offer you an opportunity to publish your work in prestigious journals such as Scopus, DOAJ, Web of Science, etc. Identify new research opportunities and potential partners to take your career to the next level. View More

ICASETM-2024 Features

Join us at this international social science and humanities conference to expand your horizons and gain insights into global perspectives!

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Hoe Han Goh

Deputy Director of INBIOSIS
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Hesham EI-Enshasy

Institute of Bioproduct Development
Faculty of Chemical and Energy Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Tazli Azizan

Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Session Speakers

Dr.Zeittey Karmilla Kaman

Department of Business Management
College of Graduate Studies (COGS)
Universiti Tenaga Nasional

Dr.Aneesh Chand

Head of Robotics

Prof. Dr. Ooi Kok Loang

Deputy Dean
City Graduate School

Assoc Prof. Dr. Crystale Siew Ying Lim

Faculty of Applied Sciences
UCSI University

ICASETM-2024 could actively contribute to the SDGs:

That's an admirable objective! Aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underscores a commitment to global sustainability and societal well-being. Here are potential ways in which the ICASETM-2024 could actively contribute to the SDGs:

Goal 4: Quality Education:

Emphasize the role of education in advancing knowledge and technology for sustainable development.

Showcase initiatives and research contributing to innovative and effective educational practices.

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy:

Highlight research and innovations promoting sustainable energy solutions in engineering and technology.

Discuss advancements in clean energy technologies and their impact on environmental sustainability.

Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure:

Showcase multidisciplinary research driving innovation in engineering and technological infrastructure.

Explore how advancements in these fields can contribute to economic growth and sustainability.

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities:

Discuss urban engineering solutions that contribute to sustainable, resilient, and inclusive cities.

Address the role of technology in building smarter, more efficient urban environments.

Goal 13: Climate Action:

Feature research and initiatives addressing climate change challenges through engineering and technological innovations.

Discuss sustainable practices in industries that contribute to climate mitigation and adaptation.

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals:

Foster collaborations and partnerships among researchers, professionals, and industries.

Encourage interdisciplinary approaches to address complex global challenges.

By actively aligning the conference with these Sustainable Development Goals, ICASETM-2024 can contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future through the dissemination of knowledge, collaboration, and innovative solutions.

Proceedings & Publications

Note : ICASETM-2024 proceedings series will be submitted to the Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI) and to SCOPUS for evaluation and indexing (T&C)*.

Why Should You Attend?

New Learnings
Academic sessions, panel discussions, paper presentations, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions give you a chance to learn new things from experts, keynote speakers, and session speakers
Publication Opportunities
Selected papers will get a chance to be published in top-rated journals such as Scopus, DOAJ, Web of Science, and more.
Strengthen Presentation Skills
Presenting your findings at ICASETM - 2024 helps you to develop and polish your presentation skills, which boosts your confidence for future research as a researcher or scholar.
Meet experts for collaborative research
The conference brings together professionals, researchers, and experts in a specific field. Networking with these individuals can help you connect with potential collaborators, mentors, and editors.
Lifetime Access to Research Presentations
Offering a lifelong opportunity means that individuals, once granted access, can continue to benefit from and view research presentations indefinitely. This provides ongoing access to valuable content without time limitations.

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Join us in shaping the future of knowledge advancement! We're inviting enthusiastic volunteers to be an integral part of the 7th International Conference on Advanced Science, Education, Social Science, Technology, and Management (ICASETM-2024) in Jakarta, Indonesia, on October 21st & 22nd, 2024. Be part of a global community driving innovation and collaboration.

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