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Scopes and Benefits

The 5 th International Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering, Technology And Management (ICASETM 2022), to be held in Dubai will present a model program for everyone from industry professionals and research scientists, to scholars, students (undergraduate, postgraduates) and faculty members, to reveal their innovative research studies and inventions in the fields of Computing, as well as Communication and Analytics Technology. This extraordinary event will provide researchers with the opportunity to engage and communicate with key global speakers and specialists. Students can communicate with relevant session facilitators and work in related areas of their research. This event will also offer policymakers, industry specialists and other professionals the opportunity to extend their expertise, present research results, and get new insights, as well as make professional connections with professionals from around the world through various networking opportunities. In order to further refine their findings, researchers can take into account critical technology advice and recommendations from experts attending the conference. Researchers can publish their reports in reputable publications (within the fields of Computing, Cloud Communication & Analytics Technology) of global importance. All research work presented at this conference (through means of paper presentations, abstract submissions) will gain the possibility of being cited by leading scientists from across the globe. This will help immensely in earning a reputation in top scientific circles across the world, making your phenomenal research well known and widely recognized. All those who display research prowess and have made findings of consequence in the fields of Intelligent Computing, Communication and Analytics Technologies, will receive due recognition for all their work.