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ICASETM 2022 is organized to provide a platform for academicians, researchers, scientists, professionals and students to share their knowledge and expertise in the field of Intelligent Computing, Communication and Analytics technologies and address various issues to increase awareness of technological innovations using multidisciplinary research techniques. The aim of this 5 th International Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering, Technology And Management (ICASETM 2022) is to present a unified platform for advanced and multi-disciplinary research towards design of smart computing and informatics. The theme is on a broader front focuses on various innovation paradigms in optimization techniques, system knowledge, intelligence, data analytics and sustainability that may be applied to provide realistic solutions to varied problems in society, environment and industries. The scope is also extended towards deployment of emerging computational and communication approaches, optimizing solutions in varied disciplines of science, technology and healthcare. The conference proceeding aims publication of quality and unpublished work pertaining to specific topics of interest as mentioned in CFP.

We create a platform for sharing knowledge, collaboration, and relationship building by bringing students, research scholars, and oncologists together and encouraging delegates to work together to achieve better health outcomes by establishing unique public health networks.

Objective of the Conference

The International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Communication and Analytics Technologies (ICASETM 2022) which will be held in Dubai, aims to serve as an extraordinary event for researchers, academics, students, scholars, and faculty operating around the world in the fields of Intelligent Computing, Communication and Analytics Technology, as a platform that fosters research and development activities in these sectors. ICASETM 2022 also offers participants from around the world the opportunity to gather in Dubai to share their own research findings and self-accrued expertise with their associates, as well as with other delegates to secure research partnerships or business relationships, as well as to build relationships worldwide for future collaborations during their careers.

In order to serve as a platform where the gap between the lack of knowledge and the unavailability of knowledge is filled by the converging of many prominent figures from local and foreign universities. These subject matter experts (in the fields of Intelligent Computing, Communication, and Analytics Technology) are expected to attend to offer their crucial perspective on topical issues as well as the latest research developments. Everyone from the participants to the keynote speakers and guest speakers is bound to benefit from partaking in this event.